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Daring Contest

Make it weird. Then make it weirder.

Daring Contest is an outrageous party game that isn’t for the faint of heart. Each round, the Judge will turn over a Modifier card, and you’ll submit the Dare you’re willing to perform with it. If the Judge picks you, you’ll perform the Dare and get the points, or chicken out and face a Penalty! The Judge changes each round, so everyone will have a chance to make their friends perform for their entertainment. See who’s willing to go the farthest to turn embarrassment to glory!

  • Daring Contest is for 4–8 players (recommended for ages 18+)
  • The average game takes 30–45 minutes to play
  • The box contains 220 cards and a rule book

How To Play

Each player plays a Dare. The Judge picks their favorite. Be careful, the one the Judge picks must be performed!
If your impress the Judge, you get points! Fail, and you get a Penalty!
If a Challenge Dare is chosen, everyone jumps in the fun!
After 10 rounds, the player with the most points wins!

Daring Contest