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RR Base Game

Runes & Regulations

Runes & Regulations is a strategic card game that combines the aggressiveness of a horde of dragons with the passive-aggressiveness of a suburban unicorn. Immerse yourself in this world of magic and the mundane by summoning mythical pets and casting powerful spells, all within the comfort of your own home.

  • 2-4 players
  • 30-60 minute playtime
  • Ages 14+
  • The box contains 134 cards, 15 tokens, 4 fences, 1 spinner, and a rule book.
  • Nefarious Neighbor Expansion contains 104 cards, 4 fences, and makes the game playable for 2-8 people

Who says the suburbs are boring? In Runes & Regulations, cute monsters and enchanted household objects lurk behind white picket fences. To win, you must sneak five fantastical pets past your condescending homeowner's association. Don't forget to cast lawn-protection spells and use hexes on your nosy neighbors!

Unstable_Unicorns Base Game

Nefarious Neighbor Expansion

With a new evil warlock in the neighborhood, things are about to take a dark turn! Not only are there new creatures, spells, and runes, but there are also new role cards that give different players a new secret goal.

  • Includes 104 cards and 4 fences
  • Expands the base game to up to 8 players!

How To Play

Take a Closer Look

Mytihcla cards

Creature Cards

The main attraction! These (mostly) cute mythical pets can be summoned to your Lawn during your Summon Phase, and most of them have an effect. Collect five to win!

regulation cards

Regulation Cards

Passive-aggressive bylaws from your killjoy homeowner's association. Each Regulation states a new rule that is added to the game, and only one Regulation can be active at a time.

Rune cards

Rune Cards

Everyday objects endowed with extraordinary abilities! You may choose to ACTIVATE a Rune any time its trigger occurs during the game, even if it is not your turn.

Spell cards

Spell Cards

Defense is the name of the game with these guys! Protect your Lawn (and annoy your neighbors) by casting a Spell on your turn during your Cast phase.

Spinner cards

The Spinner

A rainbow wheel of surprises that will determine your next move. Your fate lies in the Spinner's hand—er, arrow.


Our Story

We launched our first game, Unstable Unicorns, in 2017, and have been obsessed with making games ever since. All of our games are created by a team of in-house game developers and artists who pride themselves on making games that walk the line between adorable and diabolical. Keep an eye out for jokes and Easter eggs as you play, and you may find some delightful details.

While TeeTurtle’s games can be brutal and vicious, we actually create them to bring people together. After all, the strongest friendships begin with good old-fashioned power struggles during game night. Our games are created to be accessible and easy to learn for new players, but complex enough to keep seasoned veterans intrigued for years to come.

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