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Daring Contest and 3 Expansions Bundle
$25 $55
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With this bundle, get the Daring Contest Base Game and we’ll give you all of the expansions FREE!

Daring Contest is an outrageous party game for friends who like to do stupid sh*t together. Each round, the Judge will turn over a Modifier card, and you’ll submit the Dare you’re willing to perform with it. If the Judge picks you, you’ll perform the Dare and get the points, or chicken out and face a Penalty! The Judge changes each round, so everyone will have a chance to make their friends perform for their entertainment. See who’s willing to go the farthest to turn embarrassment to glory!

  • For 4-8 players, ages 18 and up. 30 minute playtime.
  • Daring Contest Base Game: 220 cards and rule book
  • Penalty Box Expansion: 20 Dare Cards and 30 Penalty Cards
  • Modifiers Expansion: 15 Dare Cards and 30 Modifier Cards
  • Drunking Contest Expansion: 20 Dare Cards and 30 Penalty Cards

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