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Casting Shadows Base Game

Casting Shadows

In Casting Shadows, players take turns traveling to different locations to collect Resources and learn Spells. Build your power, transform into your Shadow Form, and vanquish all of your opponents to win the game!

  • 2-4 players
  • 30-60 minute playtime
  • Ages 12+
  • Expansion: The Ice Storm

The Ice Storm Expansion

Add two more playable characters to the battle with the Casting Shadows Ice Storm Expansion, including 3 new Hex tiles, 15 additional Main deck cards, 4 Counterspell cards, 4 Companion cards, 2 Meeples, and 10 double-sided Status Tokens!

5-6 Player Expansionn

Enter a dark, enchanting world and battle your opponents in this strategic board game backed by 36,563 people on Kickstarter. Throughout the game, you’ll Collect Resources, learn new Spells, summon a Companion, and unlock your Shadow Form, all in the quest to become the Ultimate Shadow Caster. The last player standing after this supernatural showdown wins the game!

What's in the box?

magic cards

5 Dice 4 Double-Sided Player Boards 7 Hex Tiles 53 Main Deck Cards 10 Companion Cards 10 Counterspell Cards 4 Meeples 13 Double-Sided Resource Tokens

How To Play

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Player Boards

Each player gets to choose a character to represent them throughout the game. Each character comes with a double-sided Player Board featuring your Base Form on one side and your Shadow Form on the other. Wheels on the two sides of your Player Board will allow you to track your HP and Shadow Energy you absorb throughout the game. Plus, once you transform, you gain access to your character's unique ability that can grant you a huge advantage in the game!

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Hex Tiles

Hex tiles represent different locations within the game, and each location grants you an advantage (ranging from extra Resource allocations to healing to damage coverage). You'll also be able to learn useful Spells (or Counterspells) at each location that you can use to gain the edge over your opponents.

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Dice and Tokens

At the start of each turn, you'll roll the 5 Resource dice to determine which Resources you have at your disposal. These Resources, which include Gems, Orbs, Shadow Fragments, and Cursed Crystals, can be used to learn new Spells and to use those Spells to attack your opponents. Because your Resources are limited, you'll have to plan carefully to make the most of them during your turn.

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Main Deck Cards

The main deck is composed of 53 Spell cards that come in two forms: Conversion Spells and Attack Spells. Conversion Spells allow you to turn your Resources into different Resources or add Resources to your Resource Pool. Attack Spells allow you to deal damage to other players within range. Some allow you to deal damage to only one player at a time, while others allow you to deal damage to all players on the same Hex tile. You can also upgrade your Spell cards to learn even more powerful attacks!

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Counterspell Cards

Counterspell cards allow you to surprise your enemies and turn the tides in your favor at an opportune moment. You'll keep Counterspell cards in your Spell Book face down so that nobody knows what you might have up your sleeve. Some Counterspell cards have defensive effects that allow you to prevent or deflect damage, while others allow you to strike back against anyone who dares to cross you.

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Companion Cards

When you transform into Shadow Form, you may immediately choose and summon a Companion that will stay by your side for the remainder of the game. Each Companion has a unique effect that remains continuously active. You only get one Companion, so choose wisely!

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