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Unstable_Unicorns Base Game

Unstable Unicorns

Unstable Unicorns is a strategic card game that will destroy your friendships...but in a good way. The game was one of Kickstarter’s top 100 most backed projects of all time and won the 2019 People’s Choice Award for Toy of the Year.

  • 2-8 players
  • 30-60 minute playtime
  • Ages 8+
  • Expansion Packs: Adventures, Dragons, NSFW, Nightmares, Rainbow Apocalypse, Unicorns of Legend

Rainbow Apocalyse Vinyl Figures

The Rainbow Apocalypse is upon us!

Your favorite characters from the Unstable Unicorns Rainbow Apocalypse Expansion Pack have been turned into vinyl mini figures! Open one up to reveal the sweetest Unicorn imaginable, face one of the Four Unicorns of the Apocalypse, or discover a brand new mystery character that has never been seen before! Each vinyl mini figure comes with an exclusive Unstable Unicorns promo card featuring new artwork.

*Not available in Europe or the United Kingdom.*

4 Expansion Pack
4 Expansion Pack

4 Expansion Bundle

Purchase a bundle of our bestselling expansion packs today! This bundle includes the Unicorns of Legend, Dragons, Rainbow Apocalypse, and Adventures expansion packs. Expand your Unicorn army for maximum cuteness and destruction!

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What is Unstable Unicorns? Well, it’s only your new favorite strategic, savage, and adorable card game! Build a Unicorn Army. Betray Your Friends. Unicorns are Your Friends Now.

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Unstable_Unicorns Base Game

Adventures Expansion Pack

Adventure awaits your Unicorn army as it pillages the seas and battles for buried treasure! Get this 54-card expansion pack and find out if you’ll retrieve the royal booty or walk the plank.

Rainbow Apocalypse Expansion Pack

Kill your enemies with kindness...or a massive plague. This expansion pack contains 27 adorably destructive cards, and 27 cards that are full of apocalyptic mayhem!

Rainbow Apocalypse Expansion box
Dragons Expansion Pack

Dragons Expansion Pack

This expansion adds 54 dragon-themed Upgrade, Downgrade, and Magic cards, along with all-new Unicorns to battle. Who will rule the skies over your Stable?

Unicorns of Legend Expansion Pack

Unicorns from realms near and far have heard your call to arms! Provision your forces with 54 magical new cards, and obliterate all who stand in your way.

Unicorns of Legend Expansion
Unstable_Unicorns Base Game

Nightmares Expansion Pack

Don’t go into that creepy house...or do...we can’t tell you what to do. But Stabby the Unicorn might be waiting! This horrifically fun expansion pack contains 54 terrifying cards.

Christmas Expansion Pack

Deck the halls with Unicorn folly! In this Christmas Special Expansion Pack, go caroling, build a Snowmancorn, and (of course) procrastinate your Christmas shopping! Whatever you do, remember to jingle all the neigh!

Unstable_Unicorns Base Game
NSFW box

NSFW Base Game

If 69% of your conversations involve dirty jokes and inappropriate comments, you’re going to love the NSFW edition of Unstable Unicorns. And when we say NSFW, we mean it. This outrageously offensive base game includes 114 cards that are for ages 21+ only!

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How To Play

Destruction and Unicorns? What more could you want? (Besides free pizza for life, obviously. If Stabby the Unicorn ever ran for president, he would absolutely promise everyone free pizza for life.)

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Take a Closer Look

baby unicorn

Baby Unicorns

They’re babies—they don’t do much.

basic uu cards

Basic Unicorns

Hey, just because they’re basic, it doesn’t mean we don’t love them. They don’t have any special effects, though.

Magical uu cards

Magical Unicorns

Finally, some excitement! These guys and gals have effects that can give you an advantage in the game.

magic cards

Magic Cards

Abracadabra! These cards have a one-time effect; if you play a Magic card on your turn, immediately move it to the discard pile.

upgrade cards


Make way for Glitter Bombs and Rainbow Lassos! These cards grant positive effects.

downgrade cards


Hit your friends with Pandamonium and Sadistic Rituals! Add a Downgrade card to another player’s Stable to impose negative effects on that player.

instant cards


Neigh, we say! Play this card when another player tries to play a card, stop their card from being played, and send it to the discard pile.

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Our Story

We launched our first game, Unstable Unicorns, in 2017, and have been obsessed with making games ever since. All of our games are created by a team of in-house game developers and artists who pride themselves on making games that walk the line between adorable and diabolical. Keep an eye out for jokes and Easter eggs as you play, and you may find some delightful details.

While TeeTurtle’s games can be brutal and vicious, we actually create them to bring people together. After all, the strongest friendships begin with good old-fashioned power struggles during game night. Our games are created to be accessible and easy to learn for new players, but complex enough to keep seasoned veterans intrigued for years to come.

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