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Happy Little Dinosaurs
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Happy Little Dinosaurs

Lately, it feels like we’re all just dinosaurs trying to avoid the falling meteors. In this game, you’ll try to dodge all of life’s little disasters. You might fall into a pit of hot lava or get ghosted by your dino date, but the dino who survives it all wins the game!

  • 2-4 players
  • 30-60 minute playtime
  • Ages 8+
  • Expansions: 5-6 Player Expansion, Dating Disasters Expansion, Perils of Puberty Expansion

In this game, you are a Dinosaur, and life repeatedly tries to punch you in the know, just like your real life. But if you thought your life was hard, buckle up. The dino world is full of tar pits, killer squirrels, and really bad haircuts, not to mention the looming threat of extinction. The goal of the game is to survive all of life's little disasters and be the first Dinosaur to reach 50 points. You can also win if you're the last Dinosaur all of your friends are dead.

What's in the Box?

Happy Little Dinosaurs Standard Edition Base Game Includes:

97 cards 4 Dinosaur Player Boards 4 Dinosaur Meeples 1 Rule Book

4 Expansion Bundle

Purchase a bundle of our prehistoric expansion packs today! This bundle includes the 5-6 Player, Hazards Ahead, Dating Disasters, and Perils of Puberty expansion packs. Guide your poor dinos through more Emotional, Natural, and Predatory Disasters than ever before!

HLD Bundle
Base Game w 4 expansion

Hazards Ahead Expansion

Grab your hard hat—there are hazards ahead! This expansion pack comes with 2 new characters and 3 new game components. Hazard tokens can force your opponents to take a dreaded Hazard card and face brand new misfortunes. But Lucky Day cards will help you avoid the disasters that come your way. You might come face-to-face with Bigfoot or get sucked into a pyramid scheme, so let’s hope a shooting star is around the corner!


  • 50 cards
  • 2 Dinosaur meeples
  • 2 Dinosaur player boards
  • 12 Hazard tokens
  • 1 rule book

Dating Disasters Expansion

The only thing worse than a falling meteor? A first date. In this 54-card expansion pack, you might dodge the dreaded friend zone, encounter a giant catfish, or go out with a dino who says “I love you” way too early. Awkward...

  • 2-4 players
  • 30-60 minute playtime
  • Ages 8+
expension Game
expension Game

5-6 Player Expansion Pack

Get ready to face new disasters and meet more unlucky Dinosaurs! You’ll dodge unimaginable horrors like killer chickens, deadly tornadoes, and terrible movies.

This 50-card expansion pack introduces 2 new Dinosaur characters, making the game playable for 2-6 players.

  • 2-6 players
  • 30-60 minute playtime
  • Ages 8+

Perils of Puberty Expansion Pack

It’s time to talk about your changing body! This 54-card expansion pack will take you back to the days of terrible acne, raging hormones, and carnivorous classmates… or maybe those are just a dinosaur thing.

  • 2-4 players
  • 30-60 minute playtime
  • Ages 8+
Happy Little Dinosaurs Expansion box
HLD Bundle

Happy Little Dinosaurs Vinyl Figures

Your favorite existentially-distressed dinosaurs are now collectible vinyl mini figures! The Happy Little Dinosaurs Vinyl Mini Series features eight of your favorite dino characters, plus two new mystery characters. Each box comes with a vinyl figure and a promo card you can use in the game.

*Not available in Europe or the United Kingdom.*

Standard Edition


Hazards Ahead


Dating Disasters


5-6 Player Expansion


Perils of Puberty

# of Players 2-4 2-6 2-4 2-6 2-4
# of Cards 97 50 54 50 54
# of Player Boards 4 2 - 2 -
# of Meeples 4 2 - 2 -

How To Play

In Happy Little Dinosaurs, the first person to reach 50 points, or be the last Dinosaur standing, wins the game! During each round, you’ll flip a Disaster card featuring a Natural, Predatory, or Emotional disaster. Each player will play a Point card in hopes of collecting points and avoiding the disaster. Will you successfully dodge the disasters or get eaten by a prehistoric whale? Only the cards can decide...

Take a Closer Look


Disaster Cards

In Happy Little Dinosaurs, you will work to avoid all of life’s little disasters and laugh as they happen to your friends. If you collect 3 Disaster cards of the same type OR 3 different types of Disaster cards, you will be out of the game.

point cards

Point Cards

Point cards feature weapons, trinkets, and good luck charms that you use to collect points and avoid disasters. Each card has a point value between 0 and 9 that you will use when scoring a round.

instant cards

Instant Cards

You can use Instant cards at different points during the game to tip the odds in your favor or save your Dinosaur from certain death.


Player Boards

Player boards include your Dinosaur's traits, an Escape Route you use to track your score, and a Disaster Area where you will collect Disaster cards.

meeple cards


You'll move your Dinosaur meeple along the Escape Route on your player board to track your score.

Our Story

We launched our first game, Unstable Unicorns, in 2017, and have been obsessed with making games ever since. All of our games are created by a team of in-house game developers and artists who pride themselves on making games that walk the line between adorable and diabolical. Keep an eye out for jokes and Easter eggs as you play, and you may find some delightful details.

While TeeTurtle’s games can be brutal and vicious, we actually create them to bring people together. After all, the strongest friendships begin with good old-fashioned power struggles during game night. Our games are created to be accessible and easy to learn for new players, but complex enough to keep seasoned veterans intrigued for years to come.

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