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In Here to Slay, the first person to successfully slay three monsters, or build a full party with six classes, wins the game! That means you can choose your own play style. Will you work to build the most robust party of highly-skilled heroes this world has ever seen, create a lean team of monster-killing machines, or set out to screw over your friends at every turn? No matter what you choose, there are enough strategies, characters, cards, and effects to make the game different every time you play it.

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Game Rules Header

What if a Hero Card says I don't have to roll for something?
You generally have to make a preliminary roll for a Hero card’s ability, but the roll is no longer needed after that point.

How does the Mirroryu card work?
This card acts as a workaround for the rule that you cannot roll for a card more than once per turn. Mirroryu breaks this rule by allowing its roll to count for the card that’s being rolled for.

How many Item cards can be equipped to a Hero card?
Only one item can be equipped to a Hero card unless the card has a symbol (two diamonds at the bottom of the card) that indicates otherwise. Equipped items cannot be traded out. Equipped item cards stay equipped to the Hero card if the Hero card is stolen, or are moved to the Discard pile if the Hero card is destroyed. An Item card's effects are not something you can choose not to use unless the Item card says “you may." Item cards are also only equippable to Heroes and not Party Leaders.

Game Rules Header