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Sizing Guide

Standard Unisex (Men's) Shirt

This is a true-to-size classic shirt that both men and women love!

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Women’s Relaxed Fit (Women's) Shirt

This is a looser, more casual style that is somewhere between our Standard Unisex (Men's) and Women's Ultra Slim (Juniors) fits.

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Women’s Ultra Slim (Juniors) Shirt

If you’re looking for a body-hugging shirt, our Women’s Ultra Slim (Juniors) shirt is perfect for you!

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Kids Shirt Measurements

This fit is perfect for the youngest TeeTurtle fans!

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Pullover Hoodie Measurements

Our hoodies are a Standard fit that is perfect for men and women!

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Standard Tank Top Measurements

If you love our Standard Unisex (Men's) Shirt, our Standard Tank will be your perfect match!

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Women’s Tank Top Measurements

This tank's fit is similar to our Women’s Ultra Slim (Juniors) Shirt!

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Slipper Measurements

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Leggings Measurements

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