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Fluffy, fuzzy, and floppy cats for the whole family!

Fluffy cats, floppy cats, silly cats, scruffy cats… There are all kinds of kitties romping around this pet store, and it’s your job to gather ‘em up! Keep your eyes peeled for scrappy strays and cunning cat burglars looking to snatch up your favorite felines. If you’re not careful, your kitty collection could turn into a full-blown CATastrophe!

  • Scram is for 2–6 players (recommended for ages 8+)
  • The game takes 15-30 minutes to play
  • The box contains 83 cards and a rule book+

How To Play

The goal of the game is to create the biggest pile of fuzzy felines you can. Build Stacks of Cats in numerical order to score points.
Chase Stray Cats onto other players’ Stacks to slow them down.
If you have a Scram card, you can shoo a Stray Cat off your Stack and back into the alley.
After the deck runs out, add up the points in your Cat Tree and subtract the points in your hand. The player with the most points wins!